Phobias & Fears

What are phobias?

A phobia is an excessive or unreasonable fear of an object, place or situation. Simple phobias are fears of specific things such as insects, infections, flying. Agoraphobia is a fear of being in places where one feels "trapped" or unable to get help, such as in crowds, on a bus, or standing in a queue. A social phobia is a marked fear of social or performance situations.

Phobias are extremely common. Sometimes they start in childhood for no apparent reason; sometimes they emerge after a traumatic event; and sometimes the develop from an attempt to make sense of an unexpected and intense anxiety or panic (e.g. "I feel fearful, therefore I must be afraid of something").


When the phobic person actually encounters, or even anticipates being in the presence of the feared object or situation, s/he experiences immediate anxiety. The physical symptoms of anxiety may include a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, chest or abdominal discomfort, trembling, etc. and the emotional component involves an intense fear - of losing control, embarrassing oneself, or passing out.

Commonly people try to escape, and then to avoid the feared situation wherever possible. This may be fairly easy if the feared object is rarely encountered (e.g. fear of snakes) and avoidance will not therefore restrict the person's life very much. At other times (e.g. agoraphobia, social phobia) avoiding the feared situation limits their life severely. Escape and avoidance also make the feared object/situation more frightening.

With some phobias the person may have specific thoughts which attribute some threat to the feared situation. This is particularly true for social phobia where there is often a fear of being negatively evaluated by others, and for agoraphobia when there may be a fear of collapsing and dying with no one around to help, or of having a panic attack and making a fool of oneself in front of other people.

With some phobias there may be accompanying frightening thoughts (this plane might crash; I'm trapped; I must get out). However with other phobias it is more difficult to identify any specific thoughts which could be associated with the anxiety (e.g. it is unlikely that a spider phobic is afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of the spider). With these phobias the cause seems to be explained more as a conditioned (learned) anxiety response which has become associated with the feared object.

Don't let Fears and Phobias hold you back

Why let Fears and Phobias hold you back? Move away from them now quickly, easily and completely without stress often in a single session.


Its possible to be phobic of almost anything, so even if you know on one level that your level of fear is heightened, and that the stimulus isn't really as dangerous or threatening as your response. Your Feelings are REAL so this is why you can't simply "pull yourself together"n as your brain is hardwired for a different response. Therefore the change needs to happen in the brain.

Phobias can take many forms and Social Phobia, which is much more common than you may think, can be extremely difficult for the person suffering from this debilitating condition which can lead to feelings of depression

I have a special interest in treating phobias and have treated many many successfully and completely and given people back the freedom in their lives.

"Just a note to say thanks for all your help in me passing my driving test, I couldnt have done it without you, I cant believe I actually managed to pass when before I had treatment I was a nervous wreck. Thanks a million!" - Sharon, Glasgow

Causes of Phobias

Usually with a phobia or a trauma there has been an incident that happened at some time in the persons life whether real or imagined but enough to make a psychological imprint in the memory of the brain, along with this memory is stored the emotional response that occurred at that time and so therefore every time after that event when a particular trigger occurs i.e. spiders, frogs, heights, flying etc the person loops straight back into all of those fearful uncomfortable feeling they experienced initially, and usually made worse by further experiences afterward therefore building the phobic response and making it appear stronger.

The same is true of PTS or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can result in the person reliving the Traumatic experience through flash backs or recurring nightmares which causes extreme stress. Hypnosis and NLP is effective in treating PTS

Fear can be created around anything, driving test, flying, examinations etc and can be very debilitating and can make a persons life less than it should be, but they can be eliminated and replaced by much more positive feelings and behaviours

Now For the Great News

Using hypnosis and NLP in combination phobic response can be completely removed, by changing the impact that was made using NLP strategies designed to remove the emotional attachment to the event and this in turn allows in every client I have personally ever treated with such problems to be able to say after treatment that "yes it happened but when they now look at it , they have no response to it at all"

In treating phobic clients who have a really strong phobic response I sometimes use EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique which helps them to be able to do the therapy very comfortably and with ease. I do not use shock tactics with phobics as it is not necessary for people who don't like spiders to want to hold them they just want not be able to have a fairly normal response rather than an irrational response. I state this in case anyone is scared that I will be about to spring something scary on them as is sometimes done in desensitising type therapy.

Phobia Testimonials

Hypnotherapy really works when you want to cure your Phobias and Fears, just listen to some of my previous clients!

Passed my Tested!


Just a note to say thanks for all your help in me passing my driving test, I couldnt have done it without you, I cant believe I actually managed to pass when before I had treatment I was a nervous wreck. Thanks a million!


Fear of Flying

hi Kim, hope u r well, jus dropping you an email to say a big thank you!!i returned from my trip to the states and got through all flights very well!even the one from New York to Phoenix which i done alone!!thanks again and there are many people asking for your number


Flying after 6 years!

Kim, I came to see you about a month ago about my fear of flying. I wanted to email you to thank you for changing my life.... The session with you meant I was able to fly again after six years of putting it off. I was completely fine before, during and landing - I actually enjoyed it.... how strange. I used all your de-stressing techniques which really helped and listened to the tape loads before I went away. I had a brilliant holiday and really couldnt have done it without you, o thank you again.

D. S.

Goodbye Nerves!

Hi Kim.. Well just a wee note to say that I did it.. managed to get through the first day of the course. I have to say that I was really nervous.. but managed to say a few words at the start..and get through it without the dreaded panic setting in!!! I know that from now on my confidence will only improve as the course proceeds. Thanks for you help.


Fear of the Dentist

Hi Kim I came to see you for help with going to the Dentist and it worked ! I went and had a check up going back on Monday for treatment so i will be listening to the C D again. I wish i had came and seen you sooner, i would have saved a fortune.


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