My practice offers you a selection of services to suit your individual needs and preferences. Together, we will focus on issues you wish to address, helping you achieve the change you desire. The services I offer, all of which are completely noninvasive, include:

Clinical Hypnosis: Includes analysis to pinpoint a problem and suggestion therapy to modify behavior as needed. Focuses your mind on obtaining the results you want.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Uses mental and cognitive processes to address behavior and create new models of perception. Helps you eliminate ineffective patterns and adopt new strategies for success.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Balances the body’s energy field to release stored negative emotions and achieve emotional freedom. Effective in relieving symptoms from many conditions.

Self-Hypnosis: I’ll teach you self-hypnosis techniques you can use anywhere!

Therapeutic Imagery: Utilizes mental guided imagery to achieve stress reduction, improved wellbeing, and greater relaxation, among other goals.

Treatments Available

Hypnotherapy can successfully address a wide range of conditions.

These include Stop smoking, Weight Loss, Stress, Phobias, and much more

I offer specialized treatments in many different areas including:

Post-Traumatic Grief and Loss Addictions
Stress Disorder Eating Disorders Learning
Fears and Phobias Headaches Disorders
Anxiety Disorders Chronic Conditions Pregnancy and Postpartum
Smoking Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders Pre- and Post- Operative
Cessation Goal Setting Weight Control
Body and Self Image Relationships Mental Health
Pain Management Personal Issues Self Improvement Motivation
Depression Sleep Disorders

If you have a question regarding hypnotherapy don't hesitate to contact me

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What My Clients Say

Scratching Habit

Hey kim just wanted to let u know thats a week gone and not once have I scratched my head:-) I can still feel it itchy but its sooo amazin I dont want to scratch thank u sooo much am delighted a result after 5 yrs of itchin=-O hGo 4 it kim tell everyone:-) honestly cant believe it am listening every day no more horrid expensive shampoos amazin thanks again ill defo b recommending u!! J xx h ave great xmas

Fear of Dentist

Just want to say a massive thank you Kim for helping me get over my phobia of the dentist with hypnotherapy . Until this morning i had not been to the dentists in five years and just the thought of going brought me close to tears but with your help i managed to go for a check up and have booked another appointment next week to have them whitened and hav started the process of getting my horrible front crown replaced in time for my wedding, couldnt have done it without you Kim xx
l McC

Weight Loss

DO IT! If you are considering hypnotherapy to help you with your weight loss, do not hesitate just go ahead and do it. I have tried every diet known over the past 20 years and wish I had found Kim earlier. Kim has helped me immensely and made me feel so at ease from the minute I met her. I am now in control and losing weight slowly and steadily no more yo yoing!! I aslo feel so much more relaxed and good about myself then I have in years.

Thanks again
Carolannn x

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