From My Clients - Just a few quotes

No more smoking

Hi Kim,

I wanted to update you.
It’s now three weeks since I saw you. I haven’t had a ciggie since. I was on a business trip to last week, which involved a lot of wineing and dining in the company of smokers and I passed with flying colours. That was my biggest test so far – and I never felt the urge to smoke at all! I still listen to the file you sent me now and again, but getting more confident as the days go by.

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards

Improved Confidence

Hi Kim,

It has been over a month since my session with you to help me regain my confidence during presentations and public speaking, I must admit i was rather sceptical when we first met, however I am glad to report that I have successfully completed several large presentation with no issues whatsoever, professionally and with confidence. The night before I always listen to the session while in bed, ok most times I don't make it to the end as I fall asleep, but i was struggling with sleep the night before, so two birds with one stone.

Thanks for your help.

Quit Smoking

Hi Kim just to let you know I am now a non smoker so thanks its been really easy, the thought does come in now and then as you said it would but I just push it away and think dont be silly. thank you.

Mrs M A


Fear of Spiders

Thanks so much for your help I am no longer bothered by spiders, I really can not believe how this worked. To think that I was so petrified for all those years and now they really dont bother me at all its amazing. Thanks again.



Exam Stress

Thank you for all of your help with my stress before my exams the hypnosis cd really helped me to zone out at night and the EFT techniques helps to calm me down before i go into the exams. It has made a great difference on my nerves and im sure it has helped improve my marks.



Audition Focus

It was a great experience and helped me focus for a audition i had coming up,it gave me so much more confidence i cannot recommend kim enough, i did have doubts at first, but now i believe that her services worked for me. thank you


Stress Relief

I'm really well. I'm following your advice! Everything is fitting into place now and I am enjoying myself again! Thanks for all your help.

J. P.


Weight Loss

Hi Kim
Just a note to say thanks for this afternoon's session. I walked up to Crookston station feeling half a stone lighter and I swear my jeans were looser!

Thanks Again!


Stop Smoking

Hi. Thanks for the other night.
I just wanted to say whether I succeed in my smoking or more accurately my non-smoking endeavours it was a real pleasure to meet you and you gave me a deal of things to consider in relation to other aspects of my life.

I have been to a few counsellors/physiatrists and physiologists in my life and you seem ardently more qualified and sensible than all of them put together. I hope that doesn't sound patronising!

L. C. Glasgow

Thanks Again

Sleeping Better

Hi Kim,
Just to let you know i went to bed about 10:30 last night listened to the recording you gave me to the end turned off my mp3 player and went to sleep straight away with a clear mind.I did wake up a couple of times during the night but i did go straight back to sleep i awoke this morning at 08:30 feeling very refreshed and full of energy i feel as if i want to go and do things instead of just wanting to sit about and do nothing as i was always feel tired when i got up in morning before our session yestarday i would just like to thank you for everything


Feeling Good

Hi Kim

I just wanted to thank you very much for how much you have changed my life, in only a few days. Since seeing you on saturday I have felt great, a few wee wobbly moments but listening to my cd at night puts me back on track. So all in all lifes good, and long may it continue.

Thank you once again

D. K


Fear of Flying


I came to see you about a month ago about my fear of flying. I wanted to email you to thank you for changing my life....

The session with you meant I was able to fly again after six years of putting it off. I was completely fine before, during and landing - I actually enjoyed it.... how strange

I used all your de-stressing techniques which really helped and listened to the tape loads before I went away.

I had a brilliant holiday and really couldnt have done it without you, o thank you again.


No more nerves

Hi Kim.

Well just a wee note to say that I did it.. managed to get through the first day of the course. I have to say that I was really nervous.. but managed to say a few words at the start..and get through it without the dreaded panic setting in!!! I know that from now on my confidence will only improve as the course proceeds. Thanks for you help..D

No more Smoke

Hi Kim.

My husband, S and I came along for a "Stop smoking" session on Aug 25th. With your help we are no longer smokers. Also the main reason for me to stop was that we were trying for a family. The wonderful news is that we are 13 weeks pregnant and all is ticking along perfectly.

Again, thank you so much for your help in quitting. We both feel 100% better for it and will never go back to this terrible habit.


Passed my test!

Thank you Kim.

I Passed my driving test this afternoon, thanks 2u...i had tried 5 times before and would have taken more if I hadn't come 2u. I would definately use hypnotherapy again but this time to help me with dieting as my willpower up until now has been hopeless.

thanks again kim


Off the cigs

My partner is still off of the cigarettes and I have passed your card on to a friend.

Thank you for your help I could not have done it without you.


Fear of the Dentist

Hi Kim

I came to see you for help with going to the Dentist and it worked ! I went and had a check up going back on Monday for treatment so i will be listening to the C D again. I wish i had came and seen you sooner, i would have saved a fortune

Lost Two Stone!

Hi Kim

Just a note to let you know how I am getting on since I was hypnotised. I have now lost 2 stone in weight and have had no problem doing so. I have not had chocolate, biscuits or crisps since I spoke with you and have been trying to eat very healthily. I will let you know when my next stone disappears. I do not mind you using my name. My daughter is also doing very well

Helen McIlwraith

Lost Four Stone!

Hello Kim

Do you remember me? Thought I would give you an update on how I am doing. I have now lost 4st. 8lbs and am still going strong. I go on holiday in June and hope to be down at target weight by then. I have not found it hard & at Christmas I had 2 chocolates and was quite happy with that. Its the only chocolate that I have eaten since you hypnotised me last June. The only downside is that I have nothing to wear. All my clothes are far too big for me. The charity shop's been doing well because I had a lot of clothes that still had the labels on and obviously had not been worn.

Feeling so much better

Hi Kim

I can look back a bit now and say that the session with you was a real turning point for me. All areas are improving steadily, my work is going well, my self confidence is much better. It is interesting, although i did tell you about certain issues, the therapy seems to help in all areas of my life, work etc.


More Confident

Hi Kim

Thanks for all your help I can't believe how much things have improved for me in the last few weeks, I got the promotion and feel so much more confident in my work and as importantly in my personal life


Got my Promotion!

Just a wee note to tell you how i did, Yippee I passed thanks so much I really know that the sessions helped and I found you really friendly and approachable will give your card to friends you will be busy !

Cathy S.


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