Diet Freedom Weight Loss Hypnotherapy


Have you tried almost every "diet going?

Do you do well for a while by being "really really good" only to break the diet by being "bad" then proceeding to go right off the rails and eat everything you can get your hands on and undo all of the HARD work?

Then - Promise yourself you will start again on Monday? Then repeat this cycle over and over again year after year and each time there is a bit more of YOU

Sounds Familiar? Have you done this many times?

Its time to do something different, Change the pattern and GET RESULT!

Make real change and never "diet" again.

Your subconscious mind holds all your beliefs and habits concerning food. These are beliefs and habits you may not even be aware you have, they may be part of a you from the past and it is these that can keep the weight on your body.


Your subconscious mind is very powerful, so no matter how hard you try to break a habit at a conscious level of mind, the subconscious will always win, eventually causing you to go back to what it considers 'normal' behavior for you

By using hypnosis we can speak directly to the subconscious and effect change by altering your negative beliefs and bad eating habits and speed up your weight loss by making positive suggestions to your subconscious mind which because it is in a state of receptiveness through hypnosis it can and will accept these suggestions and use them in the best possible way to help you achieve your goals

We can break compulsions that you may have for things such as chocolate and junk foods.

You will be given a CD to use at home to reinforce the work we do during the sessions and to keep reprogramming your mind for success,

You may also be taught EFT where applicable to help you deal with emotions and food cravings. (see EFT page or more details )

"...I have now lost 2 stone in weight and have had no problem doing so.
I have not had chocolate, biscuits or crisps since I spoke with you and have been trying to eat very healthily." - Helen McIlwraith

Weighty Issues

When weight is an issue people become obsessed by issues surrounding weight and life just becomes about weight and the joy of life just disappears and resolves around issues such as:

Forbidden foods

Calorie counting


Poor body image and feeling guilty or bad

How much should I weigh etc?

It really is a miserable place to be and the more miserable you are the more you will comfort eat, but we can work together to change bad habits and make small easily adaptable workable changes and develop good healthy enjoyable habits that add up to lasting success!


We can work to encourage motivation to exercise sensibly and enjoyably and we can get rid of cravings for junk foods and chocolate etc. When we are enjoying life and feeling good about ourselves it's easier to maintain a sensible healthy body weight.

"...I walked up to Crookston station feeling half a stone lighter and I swear my jeans were looser!" - L.A

How Many Sessions ?

Support When You Need It Most

People often ask me how many sessions and I tell them its up to them, if they want to have a single session and see how they get on then that is find what I would recommend is a block of three sessions as this really gets people off the ground. In the first session we see what your particular problems are and what challenges you the most, using this information the session is geared to your needs.

The first two sessions done two weeks apart will set you up for change and you will experience real changes in your eating patterns, you will experience motivation to exercise, make healthy choices naturally, drink more water as well as start to think and behave like a naturally slim person possibly for the first time ever! Sometimes people have things imprinted in their minds that perhaps came from childhood or eating behaviors from their past and these can be changed or removed in the relaxing and enjoyable hypnosis sessions.

Thereafter perhaps a session monthly if needed to give you continued support and motivation and deal with any issues that may arise on your journey to a slimmer healthier fitter you.

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Weight Loss Testimonials

Hypnotherapy really works when you want to lose weight, just listen to some of my previous clients!

Feeling great

Hi Kim

Just a note to say thanks for this afternoon's session. I walked up to Crookston station feeling half a stone lighter and I swear my jeans were looser!

Thanks again have a lovely sunny weekend,

Lost Two Stone!

Hi Kim,

Just a note to let you know how I am getting on since I was hypnotised. I have now lost 2 stone in weight and have had no problem doing so. I have not had chocolate, biscuits or crisps since I spoke with you and have been trying to eat very healthily. I will let you know when my next stone disappears. I do not mind you using my name. My daughter is also doing very well.

Helen McIlwraith

Lost Four Stone!

Hi Kim

Do you remember me? Thought I would give you an update on how I am doing. I have now lost 4st. 8lbs and am still going strong. I go on holiday in June and hope to be down at target weight by then. I have not found it hard & at Christmas I had 2 chocolates and was quite happy with that. Its the only chocolate that I have eaten since you hypnotised me last June. The only downside is that I have nothing to wear. All my clothes are far too big for me. The charity shop's been doing well because I had a lot of clothes that still had the labels on and obviously had not been worn.


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